Daily Archives: 10/19/2002


Jesus, I am tuckered out. I just spent a really busy afternoon. I water blasted the roof, the upper deck the lower patio and the kitchen porch. Sheesh, put a fork in me, I’m done. Plus I ran errands in the morning to the bank, my ISP, the auto parts store, and the post office before heading home to work on my car for a couple hours. It just turned 8:00 and I just got in from the yard. Oh yeah, I raked the cut grass into piles of mulch.

Time to eat some pizza, drink a couple beers, read some of my current book, and listen to KPRG or Radioparadise. I was thinking about heading out earlier this afternoon, but I’m too tired right now. And once I get this pizza inside of me, I’ll be very loathe to move.

Pizzas ready!