Daily Archives: 10/23/2002


There’s this dog I pass everyday on my morning commute. She’s old and haggard and doesn’t look like she has a lot of life left in her. Everyday she sits in the exact same spot alongside Route 4 in Chalan Pago, watching the traffic pass her by. I first noticed her about four months ago, sitting out there at the end of a driveway. Her fixed stare down the road was a little unnerving.

On Monday this old dog was joined by a new white dog, and a peculiar drama has started to unfold. Traffic Watcher was obviously disturbed by Whitey’s appearance; as I hurled past on Monday she was lying in the driveway, barking furiously at this new arrival. I got the sense that she was too old to get up and chase this interloper away. On Tuesday Whitey was there again, this time considerably closer. Traffic Watcher has the quintessential “hang dog” look on her face as she stared not at her beloved traffic, but at this new intruder. Today the new dog was even closer. I fear for Traffic Watcher’s future. Will she survive this slow usurpation?