Daily Archives: 10/25/2002


I got wind of a good deal for travel last night. I was told by a friend at dinner last night that Northwest is offering a special deal for Guam and Saipan residents: $239 round trip to Hawaii plus 20,000 bonus miles; or $199 to Tokyo plus 10,000 bonus miles. I just checked out the offer on Northwest’s Guam page. The offer is actually Hawaii for $239 and 20,000 frequent flyer miles, or Tokyo for $199 and 10,000 frequent flyer miles. This is still a good offer and I might take them up on the offer, but it certainly isn’t as good as what I originally thought.

I really want to get off Guam for Thanksgiving. Hawaii would be nice, but I am itching to get some new stamps in my passport. Maybe that deal to Tokyo; I could spend a few days in Japan. Another possibility is Hong Kong; a good friend of mine will be in Hong Kong for most of November visiting family; She’s already suggested I join her for a few days. Last time I was there was 1999, but I seriously doubt Continental is offering any good deals right now. They seem to specialize in applying the screws to Guam residents and wringing every possible dollar out of this region. Ah the joys of a monopoly!

Oh I take that back. Continental is offering a good deal to Manila right now; only $295 round trip. Of course the State Department just issued a travel advisory for US citizens to stay out of the Philippines right now.