Daily Archives: 10/30/2002


It’s Wednesday; tonight is the Chamorro Village Night Market. This started a few years ago to boost the shops and food vendors in the Chamorro Village. Dancing, food, music, carabao rides, arts & crafts on sale, food, people, food, a farmer’s market, and oh, and did I mention food? I’ll probably stop and pick something up on the way home from work. I got a hankering for Jamaican Grill jerk chicken tonight. Check out some photos of previous Wednesday nights, courtesy of the Guam Visitors Bureau.


Today’s big headline photo in the Pacific Daily News: The pumpkins have arrived! Just in time for Halloween. Only 250 – and only at PriceSmart! This story takes up 50% of the front page, relegating the other headline to just a couple paragraphs. After all, who cares about the FBI investigating the Government of Guam for corruption and mishandling of funds – again. Happens all the time.


I tried to make a Mama Tita’s bake-at-home pizza last night. It was not a success. But from bad experiences comes good judgement. I now know that you bake these things with the cardboard base still under the pizza – otherwise the pizza melts through the rack and gets all over the inside of your oven.

It was a disaster, melted and burning pizza everywhere inside my oven. I had a friend over last night to watch a movie and scan some documents, and we both just stared in dismay at the debacle within the oven. We both looked at the mess and said it was a waste, then reached down and started picking half-cooked toppings off the mess.