Daily Archives: 11/02/2002


I ticked myself off with my trip to K-Mart today. I purchased three things at the store, for a total of $11. Not much. Just three things. I got home to stow all the goodies from my shopping adventure, and only one of the things I bought at K-Mart made it home. The other two I must have left at the store. Damn. I was looking forward to working on the crossword puzzles in the little book too.


Still listening to radioparadise.com, my favorite of my little list of internet radio stations. It is up consistently, something the others can’t seem to manage. And the music is just what I like to listen to.

One of the benefits of internet radio; no commercials, and especially no political ads. I can’t stand the damn things. I’ll be happy when the election is finally over and done with.


Work proved a mighty irritant yesterday, and I was happy to leave a little before 5:00 pm. The last couple days were pretty stressful for me and this coming week offers no respite. Thankfully it was a pay day, always a cause for celebration.

I met up with my friend David at Santa Fe on the Bay, a funky little hotel with a beach bar. We talked with Travis Kloppenburg for a while, and then it was off on a quest for a new and entertaining bar. Somehow I always seem to end up in the same old places though.

A three hour shopping trip this morning netted me a refrigerator full of fresh vegetables and fruit, something that has been in short supply on Guam since the West Coast shipping lockout. Apparently a ship arrived, because the vegetables were fully stocked. I went crazy, lettuce, peppers, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, squash, spinach, apples, grapefruit, grapes, fresh cheese and a bottle of wine. About time. I was getting tired of pasta and frozen entree’s. I can hardly wait to make a salad tonight. And maybe some roasted chicken on a bed of orzo. Yeah, that sounds good to me.