Daily Archives: 11/04/2002


November Book Update

I’m still reading Riverhorse by William Least Heat Moon, though I am making good progress through the book. On deck is Les Miserable, though I think I am going to read Harold Bloom’s How to Read and Why before I plunge into that thick tome.


The PDN has an excellent article today on the US Department of Fish & Wildlife’s decision to designate 25,000 acres of Guam as critical habitat for several endangered species. That amounts to 19% of the island, and the move has met with fierce opposition by Chamorro activists, the Government of Guam. It is interesting to note Fish & Wildlife did not want to designate the land as critical habitat, but was forced into the action by several lawsuits levied against the agency by environmental groups. The situation is full of bad blood, and the article does a great job of describing the events, players and issues involved.


Just one day before the election and the campaigns have reached a fever pitch. Islandwide rallies were held by both gubernatorial candidates yesterday, and the roads were clogged with caravans of music blaring, horn honking, flag waving supporters on their way to their respective camps in Hag�t�a. The caterwaul continued for most of the afternoon, an unfortunate problem with the location of my home. I get the noise coming up the hill from Ylig Bay, then again on the other side as the highway wraps around my house. Double whammy.

Meanwhile, the landfill continues to smolder and fume, but the governor has not authorized the emergency spending to combat the blaze. Can anyone say “lame duck?”