Daily Archives: 11/07/2002

Upgrades In Progress

I am starting an upgrade project tonight. Expect ancilliary pages, more links, perhaps even some photos, and other stuff of interest to start appearing over the next few days. The weekend is coming up and this looks like a good project. Something to keep me at home and out of the bars.


I just realized the thief made off with a CD-RW that contained a great deal of business information. Crap. The only comfort I have is that the CD was a DirectCD and it wasn’t closed – therefore only a CD-RW drive with DirectCD could read the data on that disk. The sense of violation and vulnerability just gets worse.


I just spent a good portion of the morning covering my ass. Since my checkbook was stolen, I walked to the Bank of Hawaii to cancel those checks. Bankoh wanted to charge me $20 per check for each stop payment – for thirty checks! It was cheaper and wiser to just close the checking account and open a new one. But now I need new checks, a new ATM card and other sundries to get my life back into order, a process that’s going to take at least two weeks.

I don’t think the loss of the Psion will be that damaging – the only really sensitive information was a list of internet passwords and that was an encrypted file. The only thing that concerned me was a note I made with my long distance PIN code. I changed that this morning with one phone call.

I have a tremendous urge to stake out those crummy apartments across from where I was eating last night and pummel the first kid I see walking around with any of my stuff in his possession. The hassle is something just I don’t need right now.


My car was broken into last night while I was eating dinner at a Thai restaurant. I went around and asked some people that live in the area, and I am pretty sure it was a little kid. Whoever it was didn’t take my stereo, though they did take my ashtray which had some change in it. The thief also grabbed my bag from the floor of the passenger seat. The bag had my checkbook and my Psion. I’m not worried about the checks, I’ll get those cancelled today. But the loss of the Psion just sucks. I had a great deal of my life stored on that machine. A lot of information and tools I use at work were stored on that gizmo. Any confidential information on the PDA was in password protected files, but it just makes me uneasy that the thing is in somebody else’s hands. It just ticks me off to no end. There’s a sense of violation, and anger at somebody that would steal something of no use to them, just for the sake of stealing. Oh and I just remembered – the thief got my dirty Tupperware and a hard to find grapefruit spoon that were in my bag from lunch. Damn!