Daily Archives: 11/09/2002

Faith in Human Kindness

A couple days ago I had very little faith in the human race. The random act of petty crime and the hassles it put me through put me in a very dark mood. I scowled and grumbled at every body that came near me. A natural reaction I guess, but not one that made me feel any better. Just another of my increasingly common black moods, most of them directed towards life on Guam.

I just got off the phone with this guy who bought my Psion off a kid for $50. He was concerned that the PDA might be stolen when he found my name, number and personal information stored on the machine. I told him it was and we made arrangements to meet tomorrow afternoon and make the exchange. It was refreshing to speak to a complete stranger calling me out of the blue to do a good deed. He could very well have just kept the Psion and not said anything, but he made the choice to do the right thing. This small act of kindness has done a great deal in restoring my faith in mankind. Perhaps we aren’t all damned after all.

Weekend in Digitalia

Upgrades this weekend – at least minor ones for me. Added some additional pages and an RSS feed. Also tinkering with Tinderbox and using it to create a site over at netPCI. We’ll see about that one. I will say this about blogger, it’s a cinch to set up and get running.