Sunday Mornings

Is there anytime of the week as enjoyable as a Sunday morning? I don’t think so. Sure Friday night is good, but I don’t go out as much as I used to, so my Friday nights are pretty tame these days. Saturday mornings are usually filled with activities, either paddling, hiking, biking, or chores around the house. No time to relax on Saturday.

Sunday mornings are special. KPRG airs some great programs then, including St. Paul Sunday Morning and Selected Shorts. I can relax, read the Sunday paper, listen to the radio and just chill. I often make a nice breakfast, either an omelet or poached eggs, something out of the ordinary Grape Nuts and orange juice routine. The morning seems special somehow, especially since Sunday afternoon usually lets me down. And Sunday evening is always tinged with the realization that Monday morning means a return to the office and the hassles of the workaday world. But Sunday morning is that delightful moment between the stress of last week and the dread of the coming week when I feel completely at ease.