Daily Archives: 11/11/2002

Weekly Fantasy Football Roundup

Looks like the supplemental draft last week and the trade for Jamal Lewis really helped out my team. I am currently winning against Gerry with a comfortable 30 point lead. All my players are finished, but Gerry’s got two players in the late Sunday game. I am not worried about Gerry’s tight end, but his placekicker Olindo Mare, can put up some points. And since the league has these crazy rules that vastly inflate a kicker’s value for long field goals, I could still lose.

The biggest news of the week was a rather contentious trade between the two cellar dwellers of the league. It sparked a heated flurry of emails when the votes looked uncertain – lots of accusations and name calling. I think a lot of bad blood came to the surface. I was just amazed at how nasty the messages got by Friday. Chill out dudes, it’s Fantasy Football, not real life. I guess some guys place a lot of machismo into their team’s performance. I like to win, but it ain’t that important to me.