Daily Archives: 11/13/2002

All hail the wondrous crock pot

I just got back from the lectures at UOG, Conflict Mediation/”Why do they hate us so much?”. I enjoyed this week’s presentations more than last week, the topics were broader and the discussion afterwards touched on a great many valid points. The audience presented an interesting round of discussion. A particularly powerful comment was made by a woman that had dual citizenship in Canada and the United States. She spoke about how her 24 year old son was in Belgium on 9/11 and he called her from a pay phone. He was in absolute shock and dismay, but not at the destruction in New York. He was distraught over the public gloating, cheering and applause the destruction elicited from the Belgian populace watching the horror unfold on the television. He was appalled to discover that not everyone loved the United States and Americans. Interesting evening.

When I got home I was greated with the smell of freshly baked bread and savory stew. The bread machine is a great invention, but the humble crock pot is truly a wondrous thing. Toss some meat, carrots, potatoes, onions and liquid into the slow cooker in the morning, come home to a tasty meal. I was always skeptical about crock pots in the past, but the things are a real time saver. And the stew is delicious over a thick slice of fresh pesto bread. Wow.