Daily Archives: 11/17/2002

Archives Still Acting Up

I guess it’s time for a little chit-chat with tech support. The archives are not displaying correctly – again. I thought I solved this problem last week.


I signed up for Netflix at the end of October. Netflix sends three dvd’s to my house via the mail and I can keep them as long as I like. When finished I post them back to Netflix in the supplied prepaid envelope, and Netflix will send me another movie off my rental queue. I was a little worried about the turnaround time since I live in Guam, but I am pleasently surprised by the speedy delivery. I sent back my first movie on Monday and I got the delivery notice for my next movie this morning. Not bad.

I don’t think Netflix will replace Blockbuster or 3V’s, my corner videostore. But it is a good option for older movies, independent films, and foreign movies. The stuff that never makes it to Guam’s theaters, or Guam’s video stores. I already watched Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down! and Croupier, both films that I have never seen on Guam. Netflix even has a selection of really old films. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is on my rental queue, and a couple Buster Keaton films.

Netflix only offers dvd’s for rent, another indication of the impending obsolesence of VHS tapes. I like dvd’s, the quality is far superior to videotape, but I am concerned about the susceptibility of the discs to scratches. I’ve already rented several discs that were unwatchable due to skips and errors. When I mentioned dvd’s to my sister the librarian, she mentioned how disgusted she was with the technology for the exact same reason. She prefers to purchase videotapes for her library because the tapes are virtually indestructible.