Daily Archives: 11/20/2002

My Head is Spinning

I am doing query after query after query after query after query. It’s like I am building a hall of mirrors, one that I delude myself to believe is reality. I am so tired. So damn tired. It shouldn’t be this hard to pull useful numbers out of our data warehouse.

Clouds and Confusion

Stargazing was a bust last night. I woke a little before 2:00 a.m. and went outside to discover thick milky clouds, suffused with silvery light from the lambent moon. I stayed outside for 45 minutes and saw nary a star the entire time. When I went back in and laid down to sleep, slumber eluded me. So I vacillated between sitting outside, hoping for a fortuitous break in the clouds, and surfing the ‘net. I finally drifted off to a fitful rest around 5:30 a.m. Never saw a single shooting star. I think that makes it four years in a row that the Leonids disappointed me.