Daily Archives: 11/21/2002

Local News Roundup

  1. The PDN continues to turn up more dirt on school board member and convicted felon Jonathan Toves. Toves was arrested in 1999 for impersonating a public health inspector and extorting money from island businesses. However the case was never brought to trial when the prosecuting attorney left the Attorney General’s office and no one picked up the case. [I heard about this months ago – from another friend of mine that works at an island bakery and called Public Health about this scam. I am betting this guy just got himself elected into another criminal charge – hopefully the AG’s office will reassign the case to another lawyer.]
  2. The imbroglio over the smoldering Ordot Dump continues:
    • Monday brought rumors of a settlement offer to make a lawsuit against Guam Resource Recovery Partners (GRRP) disappear.
    • The rumors were vehemently denied by Governor Carl Gutierrez, who laid blame for the situation at the feet of several legislators.
    • The Ordot landfill fire was finally put out.
    • Lawmakers met this week to discuss closing Ordot.
    • The Department of Public Works estimates $2.7 million is needed to close the facility.

    [This landfill crisis has gone on long enough. The Ordot landfill is literally a mountain of trash now. This environmental disaster needs to be the primary focus of the incoming administration and legislature.]

  3. Another good piece on Bali from Guam ex-pat Pamela Tibbs. [My heart is aching for Bali right now. The Balinese are suffering as a result of the October bombings, events that were largely beyond their control. I can think of nowhere on earth as special as Bali, and it pains me to think of what is in store for the island.]
  4. A new U.S. Attorney was nominated by George W. Bush.Leonardo Rapadas will replace Fred Black as the U.S. Attorney. A date for the change has not been set, since the nomination must be approved by the Senate first. [Mr. Black has done an excellent job as U.S. Attorney, let’s hope Mr. Rapadas will continue his excellent work. Rapadas worked on several high profile cases, so hopefully he won’t shy away from the government corruption and graft cases that have been Black’s forte.]

Rainy Day, Blown Away

A tropical depression is skirting Guam today. The winds are gusty, about 30 to 40 knots. Tropical Depression Haishen is expected to bypass Guam, but still upset the weather around the island. All my patio furniture is skittering around outside, and leaves and branches are scattered across the lawn.

My plans for Friday are shot, but I still think I’ll take the afternoon off tomorrow. It’s been a tough week. I was really frazzled when I got home last night. I needed some bourbon, a couple beers, and a nap to calm down.