Daily Archives: 11/22/2002

Weekend’s Here!

Finally – and here’s what on deck for me:

  • The 2003 Auto Show at Micronesia Mall – I am looking around for a new car, and this auto show should provide me with a good chance to check out a number of models, take some test drives and make comparisons.
  • The Laramie Project at UOG – Grim little play about Matthew Shepard’s murder in 1998 that is being put on by UOG students this weekend. Shows Friday and Saturday night. $5 admission. Beats watching TV.
  • Boonie Stomp – I don’t know if I’ll make the hike to Sigua Falls with DPR’s group tomorrow, but I’ll take a stab at it. At least I should hike to Tarzan Falls, my default hike when I can’t think of anywhere else to go. Maybe I’ll take the dogs too.
  • DVD’s – I got a couple DVD’s I need to watch, that ought to keep me busy. Mainly Croupier, I need to watch that.


That describes the last 24 hours. Tropical Storm Haishen has certainly raised a ruckus on Guam. Strong gusts of wind and driving rain lasted until this sunrise this morning. I lost a large plastic Rubbermaid container that housed my scuba gear to the high winds. It overturned last night spilling my equipment across the lanai before rocketing into the railing and breaking into several pieces. Wow. The surf was immense this morning in Ylig Bay, and huge waves were crashing into the cliffs north of Pago Bay. Pretty cool stuff.