Daily Archives: 11/24/2002


I’ve always tried to avoid Wal-Marts when I go shopping in the states, primarily because for personal reasons; I abhor the cultural vacuity of those giant megastores. Now I’ve found an good article that validates my choice: Wal-Mart is evil. Anti-union, forced labor, low wages, no health benefits. That’s what drives those low low prices that the American consumer craves, the exploitation and degradation of thousands of people. Henceforth, I shall shop at Wal-Mart no more.


My heading is throbbing. Too much Scotch last night. Funny how I could spend nearly the entire waking day in a series of pubs and bars, not feel drunk the entire time, yet wake up this morning with a pounding headache. Anyway, time to take a nap and hope this dull ache goes away.