Daily Archives: 11/25/2002

Hungry Hungry Hippos

A couple things to celebrate today: I got my ATM card and checks in the mail today, thanks Bankoh! Now I can have cash in my pocket again. Alleluia! To commemorate this fine day, I am going to eat lunch at Carmen’s today.

On the down side I got a phone call early Friday morning from American Express. Somehow, I am not sure how, my $10 payment to them last month bounced. I could have sworn that check cleared before I closed the old checking account. Anyway, I had to send off a check this morning to Amex for the $10 plus $29 penalty fee. That just chaps my hide. They even went so far as to deactivate that card account until the problem is cleared up.

Fantasy Football Update

Monday morning, time for another week of fantasy football here on Guam. The Zulus are looking pretty in the Easter Conference today, crushing the bottom placed team Wala’Au Pilau. After last week’s agonizing loss to Team Amy’s Lap by 4 points, this victory is a vindication. I can taste that prize already.