Daily Archives: 11/26/2002

Headline Roundup

Just a quick one, the latest dish on a couple stories featured in the PDN:

  • Airport Expenses Audited – The public auditor last week revealed the results of an audit of the Guam International Airport spending habits. Her results? In 1999, the board of directors approved $97,382 in travel expenses. At the end of 1999, Gov. Carl Gutierrez released a secret memo, relieving the board of this oversight duty and giving full approval for expenditures with his appointed director, Gerry Yingling. During 2000 and 2001, the expenses soared to over $1,000,000 dollars, including over 150 trips for the governor, over 70 trips for the first lady, and expenses for strip clubs, lap dances, plane tickets for family members, health club memberships, massages and other questionable items. This is the exact same thing that happened over a year ago at the Guam Mass Transit Authority and other GovGuam agencies. The incoming governor vows this will not happen. [Yeah, right. Though Felix Camacho was the one spearheading the GMTA investigation. Maybe there is hope…]
  • Archdioceses Buys Hotel – The Archdioceses of Guam purchased the hotel across from my house on Ylig Bay. The Accion was a horrendous failure as a hotel. The Church plans to convert the property into a seminary and retreat center. [Better a seminary than another hotel. This is a great idea, and the Church picked the place up for a steal.]
  • GovGuam Revenues Plummet – No surprise here. Thousand laid off, spending less and less, the deparment of Revenue & Taxation announced that 2002 receipts were down 27% from 2001. And things were already bad in 2001. That’s bad. [Unless you happen to have a goverment agency credit card…]


I can get used to this. I think I am actually more productive working from home. It’s been non-stop since 8:00 this morning, and I am not tired or cranky. Usually I have a serious headache by this time of the day, but that’s not happening. I am sitting at my computer and working diligently, but I am also listening to Monday Night Football on the television. I worked through my lunch, and I ain’t even suffering from the mid-afternoon siesta urge. This is cool. I wonder if I can get away with this more often?

Car Troubles

Today I am working from home. It’s not bad. No morning commute, I can listen to the radio as loud as I want, I’m sitting here in shorts and t-shirt. This telecommuting thing is a good idea. I should try and do it more often.

Unfortunately, this pleasure of home bound work is due to automobile problems. Funny, I think my Isuzu knows I am thinking about getting a new vehicle. This morning I had a flat tire. Well not completely flat, but very low. I could probably head out and stop at the gas station a 1/2 mile up the road. I started up the engine and heard an ungodly racket. I think my clutch is burned up, and I can think of no better reason to buy a new car. The damn thing is just falling apart in front of my very eyes.

Perhaps the reason a new car has been on my mind lately was because I subconsciously suspected my vehicle was near death? The mind is a powerful thing, perhaps my unconscious knew something the rational mind didn’t comprehend. That could be, but it’s really a combination of factors:

  • No air conditioning in the Amigo
  • The extreme susceptibility of the soft top to theft and the elements
  • The age of my Isuzu – 14 years and counting
  • The brakes need work
  • The clutch needs to be replaced
  • The crappy fuel economy of the SUV
  • The rust that has literally exploded throughout the body in the last year

I guess all these factors combined add up to a new car for Tom. Probably the main impetus for auto replacement is the robbery three weeks ago. That was the third time the Isuzu was broken into, and I am just sick of it. I want a secure automobile, with air conditioning, that runs well, and gets good mileage. The urge is growing. I guess I’ll spend the weekend auto shopping in earnest. And getting the Amigo fixed.

More Crock Potting Goodness

Last night I made another delicious crock pot meal. This time I dropped Angus beef boneless rib fingers into the crock pot, poured in a couple cans of stewed tomatoes, some mushrooms, a can of pinto beans, an onion and lots of fresh rosemary. When I got home last night the house was filled with the divine aroma of rosemary. While the beef was okay, the broth was incredible. The rosemary infused the tomatoes and it was amazing. I was happy to just dip my home made onion bread in the juice and eat that for dinner.

There’s quite a number of sites devoted to crock pot recipes. I am intrigued and look forward to trying some of these culinary creations. I also dug up an interesting recipe for rib fingers. Since I love Thai food, this has just become a future menu item.