Car Troubles

Today I am working from home. It’s not bad. No morning commute, I can listen to the radio as loud as I want, I’m sitting here in shorts and t-shirt. This telecommuting thing is a good idea. I should try and do it more often.

Unfortunately, this pleasure of home bound work is due to automobile problems. Funny, I think my Isuzu knows I am thinking about getting a new vehicle. This morning I had a flat tire. Well not completely flat, but very low. I could probably head out and stop at the gas station a 1/2 mile up the road. I started up the engine and heard an ungodly racket. I think my clutch is burned up, and I can think of no better reason to buy a new car. The damn thing is just falling apart in front of my very eyes.

Perhaps the reason a new car has been on my mind lately was because I subconsciously suspected my vehicle was near death? The mind is a powerful thing, perhaps my unconscious knew something the rational mind didn’t comprehend. That could be, but it’s really a combination of factors:

  • No air conditioning in the Amigo
  • The extreme susceptibility of the soft top to theft and the elements
  • The age of my Isuzu – 14 years and counting
  • The brakes need work
  • The clutch needs to be replaced
  • The crappy fuel economy of the SUV
  • The rust that has literally exploded throughout the body in the last year

I guess all these factors combined add up to a new car for Tom. Probably the main impetus for auto replacement is the robbery three weeks ago. That was the third time the Isuzu was broken into, and I am just sick of it. I want a secure automobile, with air conditioning, that runs well, and gets good mileage. The urge is growing. I guess I’ll spend the weekend auto shopping in earnest. And getting the Amigo fixed.