Daily Archives: 11/30/2002

Memorial for Ron Strong and the Polynesian Dance Show

Last night my friend Dianne hosted a memorial service for her late husband Ron. She convened about 17 friends together at the Fish Eye Marine Park in Piti to view the underwater observatory and enjoy the dinner buffet and show. Ron and his company provided the environmental impact study for the observatory that was crucial in getting the project approved, so Dianne thought it fitting to get together there. The observatory is located in the largest of the Piti Bomb Holes, pockets of deep water within the reef offshore of the village of Piti. Local legend attributes their creation to bombs dropped in World War II, but the bomb holes are actually the remains of collapsed caves, similar to Shark’s Hole north of Tanguisson Beach. The observatory, which looks like a flying saucer hovering above the water, is reached by a long causeway above the reef flat. Once inside, a spiral staircase descends twenty feet below the waves to the observation deck. Large porthole windows located around the circumference allow for viewing the fish, shrimp, sponges and anemones in their natural habitat.

After convening at the observatory and watching the sunset, our group migrated back to the the main building on shore. This building houses a gift shop, several large aquariums, the buffet dinner and the Polynesian dancing show. The food was onolicious, a tantalizing seafood buffet, complete with sushi and sashimi. Once we ate our fill, the show began. The dancing was great, and it was like visiting an old friend. The show, the musicians, the performers, the entire act was lifted from the venerable Tahiti Rama beach bar in Tumon. Tahiti Rama was the quintessential beach bar in Guam, a favorite watering hole and destination for many years. They had a great island dance show on Friday nights for a couple years, highlighted by Tana’s fire dance and the owner’s guitar playing and running commentary. Several years ago Tahiti Rama was leveled by hotel expansion in Tumon and I always wondered what happened to the owner and his great Polynesian show. Well he relocated to Fish Eye. And the show is better than ever.

Post Holiday Analysis

My first Thanksgiving dinner was a rousing success. Just a few friends and neighbors came over and enjoyed the deep fried turkey, and everyone was amazed at how good the bird actually tasted. Tender and juicy, no oily taste at all. I am actually frying another bird this evening for some more friends.

Besides the food, the company was excellent. A small group convened at my house and we spent the day playing backgammon, drinking, talking and taking some pictures. The party kicked up a notch in the evening with the addition of a couple more people, one providing some herbal entertainment. I don’t think the party really died down until two in the morning. I’m not exactly sure though, I got tired at 1:30 and went to sleep. Some folks were still up.

Looking back, this was definitely my best Thanksgiving since 1999, and a great way to kick off the holiday season.