Recent Media Consumption

Movies – I watched a couple movies over the last few days; some surprisingly good, other disappointingly bad. First the good: Y tu mam� tambi�n was good, certainly nothing wrong lots of hot sex, though the plot was a tad predictable. Hell really predictable. But I enjoyed it at the time. The Time Machine was a special effects laden bit of fluff, but then that was exactly what I expected it to be. It was loosely based on H.G. Wells seminal work, though it owed a great deal more to the 1960 version directed by George Pal. It passed a couple hours in an agreeable manner, and the heroine was certainly easy on the eyes.

On the disappointing side I received Angels & Insects on Friday from Netflix. I was expecting more. God, it was difficult to watch the movie. It obviously was made with a great deal of artifice, but the metaphors are blunt and wear thin quickly. Yes, yes, yes, I understand. The civilized world is more savage than the Amazon. La dee dah. Yawn. It’s going back tomorrow. A waste of my time. And it got such good reviews. I guess there’s no telling for taste.

Magazines – My first Utne Reader finally arrived in the mail on Friday. About time. I subscribed back in late September. This is a common problem with magazines here on Guam. In fact Friday’s mail also include my new Rolling Stone, from September 5th. So I have a pile of magazines to read; Utne, Outside,, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Macworld, and Archaeology. I find that my magazine reading has slackened as I become more addicted to blogs and the daily ruminations of a dozen or so web logs I follow. Or maybe I am just getting bored with my magazines and need to find a new collection to interest me.

Books – Still reading Hardy’s Return of the Native, though I expect to finish that either today or tomorrow. Then it’s on to Les Miserables and Gravity’s Rainbow. Some dense reading to finish up the year.