More Christmas Wants and Wishes

Before the holidays are over I’d like a couple goodies for my computer:

  1. Scanner – I own a scanner, but it’s junked. Don’t work no more. Makes it hard to scan photos – actually impossible.
  2. USB Card – Seems like all the scanners I look at are USB based, so I need to stick one of these cards in my G3.
  3. Digital Camera – Been wanting one of these for a long time, and since I’m already getting a USB card for the G3…

This isn’t an actual wish list. I’m going to buy these goodies myself and use my company allowed Personal Choices Computer Benefit to get reimbursed. That’s a handy little benefit the company provides. I’m looking at using Cyberian Outpost for the first time in three years to make the purchase. Since they don’t ship free to Guam anymore, I’ll just send it to St. Louis and my parent’s house, then forward the package via US Mail to Guam.

Speaking of computer benefits, last night David was saying he wants a new laptop before he leaves for New Zealand, and that he really likes the Dell laptops. Dude, looks like I can help him with that purchase via our company’s computer purchase program. I won’t charge him anything extra for it, but I can put it on my credit card and earn some miles easily.