Waking Life & MiniDiscs

I watched this film by Richard Linklater last night called Waking Life. I rented this movie over a month ago and never watched it, so when I hit Blockbuster last week I decided to rent it again. The movie is entirely animated, though it is rotoscope animation; live action footage digitally traced over to create the animation. The movie pulses and throbs constantly but the animation is only a minor aspect of the film, used to accentuate the dream state. The focal point of the film is a series of conversations, diatribes, soliloquies and rants on the nature of life, freedom, death, literature, film making, vengeance and death. The first hour of the film blew me away, animated people just sitting around talking, that’s all this movie is about. As the thin possibility of a plot slowly resolved, I started to lose interest. I could see where the film was heading when the conversations started to focus on a particular idea.

I need to watch the movie again this evening, possibly with a little herbal enhancement. It stirred my mind with ideas and possibilities, something that doesn’t happen too often with Hollywood films.

I inherited a MiniDisc Walkman last night from my friend David. He just gave it to me saying it’s been gathering dust in his closet. If he ever needs it again, I agreed to gladly return it. He kept all his MiniDisc’s, but he passed along the microphone audio jack along with the Walkman. This is cool little gadget for recording conversations and interviews, though I need to pick up some blank MiniDiscs first. I know David used it effectively during his field work in Palau several years ago, hopefully it will incite me to record some conversations with family and friends. A little voice archive for the ages. A quick perusal of the internet has shown a number of MiniDisc oriented sites. I hope I can find what I want online, music, blank discs, accessories, and information on how to use this new toy.