Daily Archives: 12/07/2002

Wind, Thy Name is Pongsana

The weather has shifted today. Yesterday’s bright and sunny afternoon is gone. Dawn brought leaden skies and winds. The wind has shifted direction too, coming at me from the the north/northwest instead of east/northeast. The first indicator or cyclonic activity. Current forecasts predict Typhoon Pongsana will skirt us to the east on its northward track. Unfortunately Saipan is athwart the storm track now. I hope it misses them too. They need a typhoon like a hole in the head.

In a flurry of activity I broke out the generator and tested it out, then oiled and loosened the typhoon shutters. I expect to put up the other shutters later this evening, but I will hold off on that. I keep hoping the storm will spare us. I don’t want another Paka.