Daily Archives: 01/14/2003

Other Crazy Guam News – Not Typhoon Related

Catch Me If You Can – Oops You Already Did
Jonathan Toves, Guam’s convicted felon serving on the school board, is back in jail. Seems he was busy violating the terms of his pre-trial release by selling sushi on school grounds for the last few years. Seems he agreed to stay away from school property while awaiting trial on his criminal sexual misconduct with a minor charge. I bet that sucker wishes he never ran for school board.

Somebody asked me if I wanted to watch the new Steven Spielberg movie a couple weeks ago. I told them no need, I already knew about a thief writing bad checks all over creation and scamming people with a series of impersonations.

The Chips Begin To Fall
Late last week federal investigators announced a couple high profile convictions of senior Gutierrez administration officials. Therese Hart and Dr. Davina Lujan, both were high level administrators at GMH under the Gutierrez administration and both plead guilty on separate charges. Hart plead guilty to money laundering in a $150,000 wrongful death settlement to her father. Lujan was convicted of conspiracy to distribute narcotics. The two plead guilty several months ago, but the cases were sealed until last Friday. Both Hart and Lujan were cooperating fully with federal investigators in ongoing investigations.

Ongoing investigations? Could there be more Gutierrez administration officials heading for jail? Chances seem likely at this point. U.S. Attorney Fred Black was quoted as saying that his office’s number one priority was government corruption. About time too.

Still In the Dark

Power’s still out in my Yona neighborhood. It sucks, especially since I seem to be in a black pocket of de-energized houses. I look south towards Talofofo, I see streetlights and houses lit. I look north into Yona village proper, and I see houses and streetlights lit. I look west towards Leo Palace Resort, and I can see their lights flickering in the distance. Tantalizing me. Mocking me. Ugh.