Power, Water, Wind

My street got power last night. Unfortunately my house is still dark. We lack a meter on our weatherhead, which was destroyed in the storm. GPA still has to come out and install one. Any guesses on how long that will take?

Actually I am not too upset by this continued blackout. After all there is a storm coming directly for us. Power, water, phone, I am certain all these utilities will be knocked back into the stone age by Sunday afternoon.

I need to start hoarding water again. Fill up the trash cans, coolers and bath tub with water.

Get gas. Already the lines have reappeared. Every filling station last night had 40 to 50 cars waiting for gas. People are hoarding fuel while they still can.

It looks like this will only be a tropical storm though – winds of 35 to 60 knots. I can handle that. I am worried about all the debris that is still lying about though. That stuff is going to fly…