Tolkien Dreams

Last night I finally saw The Two Towers at my local theater. I expected great things from this film, and I wasn’t disappointed. Peter Jackson has created an incredible saga of films with the Lord of the Rings. I stared at the screen, slackjawed, for three hours last night. The realization of Gollum is a tour de force, and Gollum comes across as the tortured soul of the film. The other characters are good, but the animated Gollum practically jumps off the screen.

I was awestruck by the locations. New Zealand is Middle Earth. The sweeping panoramas took my breath away. Jackson knows how fantastic his country’s wildnerness is, and he uses it every chance he gets. They must have spent a fortune on helicopters in this movie.

Overall the special effects were good, but I was disappointed by the Ents. I guess it is hard to properly visualize a sentient tree-being, but these ents just looked ridiculous. Jackson’s results seemed geared for comedy, all bulbous noses and funny expressions. I just imagined ents as more fearsome – ancient, sorrowful, powerful and pissed off trees hell bent on vengeance. That was my only major complaint though.

The Two Towers left me wanting more. It is a difficult story, since it is the middle segment of a great tale. It has no real conclusion, leaving several story lines unresolved. I want more, I want more now.