Daily Archives: 01/21/2003

Physical Therapy

I spent an hour today undergoing torture, I mean physical therapy. Since September my elbow has been a source of constant pain. Turns out I have tennis elbow and it hasn’t gotten any better in four months. Since the big, horse-pill ibuprofens weren’t even dulling the pain anymore, I broke down last week and got a referral to my friendly physical therapist, Julienne.

I’ve known Julienne for 10 years, but I’ve never been her patient before. I now realize she is an evil, evil, sadistic woman. After a couple minutes chatting she started jamming her thumb right into the tender locus of pain in my elbow and I was seeing stars. Whoa. Sweet Mother of Pearl. Thank God that didn’t last more than ten minutes. And while I enjoyed the ultrasound and ice packs, those stretches she made me do were also pretty painful. But I want to get better, not just mask the pain with steroids and painkillers. So I am willing to endure the pain, both in my elbow and my pocketbook ($25/visit, at least 5 visits).