Daily Archives: 01/24/2003

Dej� Vous

Walked outside around 3:30 this afternoon to take a break. Lo and behold a face from my past was walking across the parking lot. Doctor Snell Fontus, a surgeon employed by our clinic several years ago, visited the clinic this afternoon to say hello and share some memories. I used to hang with this guy in 1994 and 1995. He was a real player around here. Now he lives and practices in Eugene (check out that snazzy web site). Another reason to move to Oregon.

Chore Filled Weekend

Now that things are pretty much back to normal in my life, I need to accomplish a number of chores this weekend.

  • Laundry – I have about a ton of unwashed clothes in my house right now. Last time I washed a load was November. It’s pretty ugly. I think I need to go ahead and just spend a few hours at a laundromat tomorrow instead of using Dianne’s washer and taking two or three days to finish everything.
  • Groceries – My refrigerator is barren. Just a couple bottles of water in there. I need produce and staples like chicken, beef, rice, flour, beans, etc. I’m going to the warehouse retailer tonight after work for bulk products. Sunday I’ll spend at the local oligarchy’s grocery chain picking up a few high-priced produce and specialty items.
  • More Cleaning – The house is still a cluttered mess and needs desperate attention. I’m turning on the air conditioner tonight in a bid to pull some moisture out of everything in the house. Leave the air on for a few days and things should dry out nicely.
  • Volunteer – I volunteered for a roadside cleanup tomorrow morning so I’ll be up early picking up trash in Tamuning.
  • Auto – Time to change the oil in my truck. I might just default to a local mechanic and have him do it for $20. Spare me the hassle of dealing with it and disposing of the waste oil.
  • Backup – Time to backup the myriad computers I possess. Backup the Dell at work tonight, then the computers at home on Saturday and Sunday. Not really hard, but it does consume vast amounts of time using CD-R’s.
  • Electronics – I need a new battery for my cordless phone and my Mac’s motherboard. Radio Shack’s shelves are barren. What to do? Sunny Electronics I guess.

I’d like to squeeze in a couple movies on DVD too. It’s will be a busy weekend. Maybe I should call in sick Monday and just watch the SuperBowl.