Did you watch the Superbowl?

I did. I went with a friend to Guam’s Planet Hollywood for a $40 fund-raiser party for Guam Youth Football League. While this was the most expensive option for watching the big game, it was an all you can eat or drink affair with pizzas and hamburgers on a special menu. Pretty tasty stuff. And the corporate sponsor, Northwest Airlines, offered up a couple trips to Honolulu plus tickets to the Pro Bowl next week. Unfortunately I did not win one of these grand prizes. Hell, I didn’t even win a t-shirt or inflatable lounge chair. But it was a good place to watch the game, eat some food, drink some beer and support GYFL and Pop Warner football on Guam.

The game itself was okay, at least during the first half. I could tell by halftime that Tampa Bay had the game in the bag. Oakland was just overpowered by Tampa’s defense. The second half was a waste of my time. About the only fun thing to watch was Rich Gannon throwing interception after interception. His receiving corps really showed their age; it looked like they were standing still most of the game. I was ready to go back to work, but those plane tickets kept me glued to my seat to the very end.

One bad thing about watching the game on Guam is the lack of commercials. The local affiliate feels free to preempt almost all the highly anticipated, expensive and over-hyped commercials that typically run during the Superbowl with cheap local substitutes. And there is a paucity in any local commercials. Often the same commercial will run twice or three times in a single commercial break. And the same ads run every commercial break. These crummy ads just grate on my sensibilities. If anything, the constant barrage of crappy commercials inspires me to avoid those advertisers entirely.