Daily Archives: 01/28/2003

Get In My Belly!!

Ate lunch at Thai Kitchen today, one of the few Thai restaurants left standing after Typhoon Pongsana. It’s funny. Thai Kitchen is located on the bottom floor of my office building, yet I rarely ate there. The food is good, but they never make it hot enough. And I know the owner, Toy, pretty well. I used to have a crush on her daughter Angie when she worked at Marty’s. Hell I had the hots for most of the girls that worked at Marty’s back then. Angie now covers the evening shift at Thai Kitchen and I enjoy chatting with her occasionally. Ban Thai and Marianas Trench figured so large on the horizon I never really bothered with Thai Kitchen. With their destruction in the typhoon I’ll be spending a lot more time at Thai Kitchen.

The food was excellent. Fried lumpia to start, then an order of chicken pad Thai and an order of penang chicken. God I love penang. I love to just eat rice with the penang curry sauce drizzled over it. Damn, it’s making my mouth water right now just thinking about it. Anyway lunch was good.

Ran into Lori Mendiola at Thai Kitchen too. It always strikes me as funny, Guam is a tiny island with a pretty small social scene. Yet I haven’t seen Lori in probably a year, and I know that woman goes out all the damn time. Now this is the second time in a week that I’ve run into her. These things always work in cycles.