Daily Archives: 01/29/2003

Local Headlines of Note

A quick rundown of things happening on Guam:

  • Southern High School still closed. Mold is growing unabated at the troubled Southern High School. This benighted school has been plagued with problems since it’s inception. Budget over-runs, delays in construction, shoddy construction, unfinished construction, allegations of graft and corruption, violence among the students, faulty air conditioners, water problems, and now a mold infestation.
  • Utility Restoration Continues. An announcement is expected this week, lifting Guam’s nearly two-month boil water notice. Power is restored to 87% of the island. GTA crews continue to repair some of the 11,000 lines still damaged and inoperable throughout the island.
  • Endangered Species Released. Biologists release 50 Guam rails, ko’ko in Chamoru, into a specially protected habitat on Andersen Air Force Base today. This refuge has been cleared of brown tree snakes and will be patrolled by U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents to keep the area clear. This is an important second step in securing a future for these flightless birds. A stable colony of rails exists 40 miles to the north in Rota, the result of ten year’s work by biologists and conservationists. Perhaps one day the bird will thrive again on Guam, but not until the snake population is under control.
  • Ocean Adventurers Due to Arrive. A man and his nephew sailing a raft across the Pacific were due to arrive on island yesterday. They left California in mid-September and will terminate their adventure on Guam. They wanted to continue on to Japan, but lack the funds to continue the journey.
  • GovGuam Budgets in Disarray. GovGuam is out of money. They need to lose people or cut pay, both political suicide. The current option being discussed is another “early out” like they did in 1999. That program worked like a charm: All the qualified people left GovGuam and only the morons that couldn’t get another job stayed. This looks like a repeat.

Movie Madness

Last night I watched the rush hour showing of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind at the Guam Megaplex. It was pretty good, plenty odd and damn funny in spots, but it is not a kid’s movie. Once again I was flabbergasted by some people. This couple sat down for the movie and brought along a small child about 5 years old. I don’t mind kids in movies, but I am worried about the effect watching a movie filled with murder, sex and drug use has on small impressionable minds. I know I wouldn’t let a little kid go to such a movie. When I was a little squirt of ten or eleven back in the mid 70’s, it took an act of God for my parents to take me too a PG movie. I can remember bothering my mother for weeks before she agreed to let me see that shockingly lurid film, Star Wars. Never mind Jaws, it was totally verboten and so were all the Pink Panther movies. No point in even asking to see those movies, she’d never allow it. That seems so long ago now.

A few years ago I went to see Something about Mary and ran into a friend and his nephew, a boy of about 8 or 9 at the time. I’ve known this kid since he was 4 and I felt pretty uncomfortable when he leaned over and asked me what Ben Stiller was doing before his big date with Cameron Diaz, “Uncle Tom, what’s he doing? Is he masturbating?” Uhh, I can positively say that word did not exist in my vocabulary when I was eight. Now this is a great kid and I don’t think he was permanently warped by this movie, but I find this disturbing. Pundits and social commentators would probably mark this as just another example of our crumbling value system. Perhaps they’re right.