Daily Archives: 02/05/2003

Dazzle Ships

Woke up this morning, went outside to watch the sunrise. The US Navy was several miles offshore. Definitely a battle group, couple destroyers, a cruiser, and what looked like transports. I imagine they are stopping off in Guam to refuel, then heading for the Gulf. No mention in the newspaper of any fleet arrivals though. Maybe they are just passing by.

Some Crews Alerted for N. Korea

Pentagon tells bomber crews to be ready to deploy to Guam. Move is seen as a show of muscle.

By Greg Miller and Paul Richter
Times Staff Writers

February 4 2003

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has alerted bomber crews that they could be sent to the Pacific — an apparent message to North Korea that the United States remains prepared for military action in the region even as it focuses on a possible war with Iraq.

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