Daily Archives: 02/17/2003

No More P.T. For Me

I went to my last physical therapy session today. Six weeks with Julienne and S.O.A.R. and my elbow is no longer a problem. I will continue with my exercises and stretching, but I don’t need the ultrasound or electrical stimulation anymore. Hat’s off to Julienne and Ed for a job well done.

She did say one thing that irked me though. As she was giving me a deep tissue massage (aka digging her thumb into the sore point on my elbow continuously for half an hour) she said if I tweaked my elbow again I should forego additional p.t. and simply get an injection of cortisone. I said I didn’t want to mask the pain, but actually heal the injury, but she insisted that an injection would heal the damage, make me feel better, and cost a lot less to boot. If that’s the case, why did I just spend six weeks going to S.O.A.R. and getting tortured for $25 a pop? And why did she insist back in January, when she called me and initiated this episode, that physical therapy was the way to go? I felt a little put upon by this revelation.

Ah well, my tendonitis is going away thanks to Julienne, so I won’t make too big a deal about it. In the future however, I might take more stock in my doctor’s suggestion and take the shot.

Changes on the Technosphere

I heard a couple tidbit this weekend about a couple things.

  • Seems Pyra Labs, the company that runs Blogger, has been purchased by Google. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the next few months. I like Blogger, but I have a few complaints (mostly about my archives – what’s up with that? Fix it already guys). Hopefully this new situation will stabilize the development of Blogger and iron out a few of the more irritating bugs. That seems to be a common complaint too.
  • And the rumors are flying about Salon’s imminent demise. This distresses me, since I have been a regular reader of Salon for a number of years. Lately it’s been on of my core sources for world news, commentary and information. It would suck to lose this outlet, because My Yahoo and CNN just blow. I was willing to pony up the cash for a membership at Salon, but apparently they can’t muster enough subscribers to make ends meet. The discussion of this at MetaFilter has been very anti-Salon. The great unwashed take Salon and David Talbot to task for his lavish compensation, prime location in downtown San Francisco for the Salon offices and a number of other profligate excesses.

I welcome my new Google overlords, and swear my undying fealty to the Google regime. Perhaps I may suggest they archive all of Salon’s articles while they still have a chance?