Daily Archives: 02/20/2003

Newsfeeds Coming

KUAM News is now offering an XML newsfeed, so I suppose now is the time to stick a couple newsfeeds into my blog page. I also signed up for a newsfeed from Moreover a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been too lazy to redesign the front page for just one newsfeed. The addition of KUAM though makes this an interesting possibility…

Juicin’ The Good Times

Did I mention that the problems at the Guam Memorial Hospital, and how it is overstaffed? Well here’s a good example: an administrative assistant at the hospital (who just so happened to be assigned to former hospital administrator and Dr. Davina Lujan) is out on emergency sick leave, for two years. KUAM News ran the story last night, detailing how the new administration was scrutinizing the length of the leave, from September 2, 2002 to August 30, 2004.

Acting Administrator Bill McMillan, said, �We have decided to do an independent review of this sick leave request in light of the unusual length of sick leave.�

Seems the employee had ten months of sick leave donated by a physician at the hospital, under GovGuam’s leave-sharing program. The donating physician was the husband of this employee’s personal doctor.

I hate to pillory this woman, but it points out another example of government waste on this island. Leave and holiday requests are loosely regulated, and rarely enforced. A very good friend of mine worked for GovGuam for five years yet she never took a day of vacation. During those five years, she went on well over a dozen trips throughout Asia and the Pacific. Personal trips, holidays, vacations, but not business trips. Her boss, a judge for Christ’s sake, simply took all her leave requests and tore them up. He never submitted them, saying she would need them someday. Sure enough, when she quit her job she got a pile of cash for all that accumulated leave. I just know I would never be allowed such leniency in my private sector job. This woman at GMH may very well be sick or unable to go to work for a long time, but using sick leave instead of going on disability is doing only one thing – juicin’ the system for all it’s worth.