Daily Archives: 02/23/2003

Sunday Night – Weekend Recap

It turned out to be a pretty good weekend with Dave. He left this afternoon, back to the cold hand of winter in Tokyo. Hopefully he left with some good memories and a full belly! Sheesh – for a skinny guy I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody pack away the food like he does. I was truly in the presence of a master. He truly humbled me at the Outrigger’s buffet Saturday night. And he must have consumed a pound of bacon at breakfast. Cripes.

We caught some good jazz at the Fishbowl, checked out the terra cotta warriors from the Q’in dynasty, and did a lot of sightseeing. He was blown away by the beauty of Guam, something that’s become dulled in my daily life. I hope he returns – I actually enjoyed playing island host for a change.

Mail Posting Update

Well I apologize if anybody saw my first crummy attempt at publishing via email. I forgot about the paragraph of legalese that my company tags onto the bottom of every outgoing email. So the post was riddled with formatting errors and contained this long paragraph of corporate boilerplate gibberish. But the second post worked fine from my oddpost account. I guess I will use that in the future to send posts. And maybe somewhere down the road, my Psion will make a few posts to the blog. That would be cool.