Cultural Enrichment

The past weekend offered me a chance to spend time in Tumon with my guest and absorb some culture. David’s visit gave me the opportunity to finally view the terra cotta warriors from the Q’in dynasty on display at the DFS Galleria. I only regret not alloting more time for the exhibit – security guards ushered us out before I viewed everything. I guess I need to return again in a few days and absorb the entire show, maybe pick up a catalogue. The exhibit is a quality production, with incredible artifacts on display, plenty of informative displays, and excellent additional materials available in the gift shop.

Saturday night was also a great chance to catch some excellent jazz at the Fishbowl, an upscale little nightspot in Tumon. Larry Franquez, Carlos Laguana and Patrick Palomo performed a couple sets to an appreciative crowd. Franquez punctuated the music with inspired drum solos that set the audience clapping. Franquez and Laguana are Berklee alumni, and all three are consumate musicians. Both sets were excellent, I just wish we sat a little closer.

I frequently complain about a lack of interesting things to do on Guam. I guess this last weekend proved me wrong.