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Chicken Little

How cool is this? A collection of meteorites tumbled to earth in the southern Chicago suburb of Park Forest last week. Nobody was injured, but the light show frightened several people, and chunks of interstellar matter punched holes in windows, walls and automobiles. That’s damn cool.

I remember this fellow employee and friend of my dad’s who had a place out in Pacific, Missouri. The guy had a meteorite in his front yard, right next to the steps up to his porch. The thing was an oblong chunk of melted iron about two feet across that he saw crash onto his property one night. He dragged it down from the hills and set it in amongst the azaleas. It weighed a ton, I couldn’t make the meteorite budge an inch. I guess it was solid iron or something. I was about thirteen when I saw the thing, and I was mighty impressed.

Chew on This

I mentioned my brother’s misgivings about the war last week. I should clarify. My brother votes Libertarian, not Republican. Just wanted to clear the air there.

And he sent me an article expressing his thoughts on economic policy and the foolhardiness of war and fighting terrorism.


I just completed something I was working on all week while I was home sick. Yeah, it was a video game. I can honestly say I am not a gamer, I rarely play video games of any type. But I had all this time to kill this week, and I was too sick to do much else around the house. So I popped in Grandia II and played for several hours each day. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the story, and the gameplay was fun too. It’s been a long time since I finished a fantasy role playing game like that, easily twelve or thirteen years. I think that was Final Fantasy on a Nintendo. Things have certainly evolved. The depth of the game was much greater, the graphics were beautiful, the music was good, and the plot seemed more mature.

Still, it wasn’t all that different from that game Ultima IV I played when I was in high school. Walk around, talk to everybody, pick up a couple friends for your party, kill everything that looks unfriendly, do a bit of shopping, acquire magic and skills, and oh yeah – save the world. The genre hasn’t evolved that much. In fact, just by happenstance I stumbled on a parody site that nails all these problems right on the head. It had me chuckling.

Like I said, I don’t really play a lot of video games. I can count on one hand the games I’ve played in the last 10 years. Maybe Grandia 2 sucks compared to other games. I enjoyed it though, and isn’t that what a video game is all about?

Alive And Kicking

Back amongst the living. Wow. That was one nasty bug I caught. Friday I went into work, and it was misery. The cold morphed into the flu, and I sat there in my office in a flannel shirt shivering with a fever of 101� – not good. I got some prescriptions to combat this virus and took a long nap when I got home that evening.

The fever broke during the night and when I woke on Saturday the worse was over. I felt vastly improved, like a new lease on life. Hell, I felt good enough to go to the movies yesterday for a matinee – though in truth I was forced from the house by a six hour scheduled power outage in my village.

Today I feel even better – the pressure and pain in my sinuses has diminished greatly and my energy levels are getting back to normal. I’ll take it easy for the rest of today, and I should be good to go on Monday.

Still Ill

Still at home, still sick. I did nothing but sleep all day today – I don’t know if it’s the virus that has me in its grip, or the drugs I am taking to combat it.

I woke up a little while ago, and I feel better than this afternoon. Hopefully I can return to work tomorrow.

An Empire About To Decline?

My brother, a staunch Republican, wrote to me with his misgivings about the war. The gist of his arguments was that the U.S. economy depends heavily on foreign investment to keep afloat, and the rise of the Euro threatens U.S. economic dominance. Hence this war against Iraq, a country that deal almost exclusively with European Union Nations, and trades heavily in the Euro. Interesting viewpoint. He sees a decline in U.S. foreign investment, and a concurrent withdrawal of U.S. troops stationed overseas as the country will no longer be able to afford the costs of projecting force across the planet.

His sentiments were echoed in a piece today from the U.K. newspaper the Guardian Unlimited. Interesting read.

Home Again

I am home from work today. This cold is just kicking my ass. It feels like my head is going to explode. I actually feel no worse than I did yesterday, but my boss and several other people in my department ‘encouraged’ me to stay home – mostly with phrases like ‘Dude, stay home tomorrow! I don’t want to get sick!’ and ‘Are you sure you don’t have that Asian flu thingy that’s going around?’ Okay, I get the hint, I can use the sleep too.


Still got this cold. Took a snootful of NyQuil last night though, and I slept pretty good. Had a round of coughing this morning that left me shaken though. This is a nasty little bug I got.

DreamCast Update

Oh yeah, I returned those six DreamCast games that didn’t work and got some other goodies at the store. I picked up a couple games, Blue Stinger and D2, and a USB Memory Stick reader. That should keep me busy for a while.

Also placed an order for a couple USB hubs and some KVM cables from Cyberguys. Cheap, hassle free shopping for tech goodies. I think I might try ordering batteries from them next

Lest We Forget

I am worried about the paths our country is taking; readily using war as a foreign policy tool and vehemently suppressing dissent at home. It reminds me of fascism. I do not use the word lightly. And just in case you think such a descent is impossible because we know what happened in Germany, take a gander at these…

No commentary needed, just read those and tell me if you aren’t worried.

Local News Update

What with war breaking out in Iraq, and coming down with a nasty head cold, I didn’t really pay much attention to local news since last Thursday. However, several things caught my eye, and I thought I should post them.

  • Marilyn Manibusan found guilty – The jury reached a verdict on Friday and found the former senator guilty on 21 of 22 charges. Sentencing will be in July, the prosecutor expects a term of nearly 20 years in prison.
  • Details released on James Sablan – The day before Manibusan’s trial started, former Guam Housing Corporation president James Sablan was dropped from the case, and the records sealed. With the trial over, it was revealed on Friday that Sablan plead guilty to his involvement in the fraud and corruption case. His sentencing is also in July, and he could face upwards of 10 years in prison.
  • Attorney General’s office exempt from 32 hour work week – Doug Moylan gets his wish; the governor agreed to not reduce the hours for employees in the AG’s office. Guess that threat of a lawsuit worked.
  • Governor unveils economic stimulus plan – Governor Camacho unveiled his long expected economic stimulus plan for Guam just before the bombs started falling. His radical suggestions to get Guam working again? Promote tourism and ask the Federal for more military deployments. Wow – now that’s something new. I guess he doesn’t have any good ideas either. Well let’s hope that $1.5 million lobbying effort pays off, because tourism ain’t coming back for a long time

That’s about it. All eyes on Guam are focused on Iraq, with occassional nervous glances toward North Korea.

The Dragon’s Teeth

Sown from discord, the dragon’s teeth are sprouting throughout the world:

A Requiem for the Beeman

Rest in peace Dan. You are missed, but your legacy lives on. You would have loved tonight’s memorial at Pexa’s beach. The bonfire, the music, the friends and family. All your friends were there to honor you.

We will miss you.


From Lockergnome comes this link. Take a look at the photo; the protestor on the right doesn’t really fit in with the others and his sign says “Free Kevin Mitnick.”

Uh, he’s out already dude. Been out for a couple years now I think. Don’t think he has any conditions left on his parole either.

Overdose On The DreamCast

I went a little crazy this evening. Okay a lot crazy. But I am pleased with myself too.

I stopped off at the Micronesia Mall after work today. I needed specialized batteries, one for my PowerMac G3 and one for my cordless phone, and Radio Shack is a good place to find them on Guam. Unfortunately, Radio Shack has gone out of business and the doors are shuttered. I wandered about aimlessly, looking for some other place that could sell me specialized batteries. My hopes were dim, then I spotted a video game store. I remembered buying some computer equipment in that store a few years ago, I thought they might help me.

The Game Spot did not have batteries. They did have a tremendous selection of used video games though, most under $9. And a great many of their used games were for the Sega DreamCast, which I just so happen to own. And I only have a couple games for the DreamCast. Hmm…

I was in game geek heaven. Dozens, no hundreds of cheap video games, and me with a fresh paycheck in my wallet. Not a good combination.

I walked out of the Game Spot without a single battery, but 16 games for my DreamCast

  1. Omikron-The Nomad Soul
  2. Grandia II
  3. Tomb Raider-Chronicles
  4. Sega Marine Fishingdoesn’t load
  5. Dino Crisis
  6. P.O.D. Speedzone
  7. Dragon Riders
  8. Toy Story 2
  9. Shadow Man
  10. Unreal Tournament
  11. Crazy Taxi
  12. Industrial Spy: Operation Espionagedoesn’t load
  13. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaterdoesn’t load
  14. Championship Surferdoesn’t load
  15. Draconus, Cult of the Wyrmdoesn’t load
  16. Starlancerdoesn’t load

I was pretty ticked that six of the games won’t even load. I am going to try cleaning the discs or some other measures. Odds are though, I will take them back to Game Spot and get a refund or exchange.
I’ve never heard of most of these, but what the hell – if I don’t like any of them, I can just sell them back to the store or put them up on eBay. Most of them look pretty lame, but I wanted to try the surfing game and Starlancer. They looked worth a try, but I guess it’s not to be.