Daily Archives: 03/01/2003


I’m taking this weekend easy – no big plans. No going out – and no drinking. Rest, relax, read, watch a couple DVD’s, piddle around on the internet. That’s my idea of a calm weekend after the last hectic month or two. Next week I’ll be back in the saddle again, but today I rest.

I watched Fast Runner yesterday. It was fascinating to watch this Inuit legend come to life; a story thousands of years old, but completely original to me. The image of Atanarjuat fleeing his killers, naked and barefoot, across the ice was easily the most powerful thing I’ve seen in a movie in a while. But the conclusion of the film really stuck with me. Atanarjuat returns to confront the evildoers, yet unlike Western heroes, he leaves no trail of corpses and blood in his wake. He returns evil with justice, but also with compassion. Makes me think George W. could learn a lesson or two from this film.