Joe McCarthy Must Be Smiling

I came across a story today about a guy that was arrested for wearing a ‘give peace a chance’ t-shirt in an upstate New York shopping mall. He was asked to leave the premises by security guards and refused, so the police were summoned and duly arrested this unruly upstart. He was 61 years old, and shopping with his 30 year old son. The real irony is that he bought this shirt at that mall. The security guards felt that he was likely to cause a disturbance, so they asked him to leave. He wasn’t protesting or demonstrating; he was simply shopping.

What disturbs me is the ‘likely to cause a disturbance’ excuse given by the mall security. Who determines what qualifies as a ‘disturbance?’ Wearing a t-shirt is cause to arrest a man? I see t-shirts all the time that I think are highly questionable, but I don’t see any of those guys heading off in the paddy wagon. What gives here? What is my country becoming?