Daily Archives: 03/07/2003

On Tap for the Weekend

Tomorrow Larry Franquez’s trio with Carlos Laguana and Patrick Palomo will be playing at the Fishbowl in an encore performance. I wouldn’t mind another evening of smooth Pacific jazz.

Otherwise, I got to work tomorrow, setting up the network and desktop computer systems for the Baltej move. Maybe Sunday I will go hiking – I got that itch to scramble around on the red hills of southern Guam.

Moving Day ** but not for me

Today marks the big move out of our old corporate offices on Guam. Good riddance – the CenTam building (Central Tamuning – get it?) degraded into a slum several years ago. The stairways smelled like urine thanks to the second floor karaoke clubs and Phu’s Place, the apartment building next door was a den of thieves and drug dealers, a ‘massage parlor’ opened on the first floor, and the landlord did nothing to address our complaints. Still we stayed on as the building slid into ruin and ill repute.

After Typhoon Chata’an, we abandoned the third floor offices, crammed 60% of the staff into one storefront on the first floor and farmed out the rest of the personnel, including me, to our clinic and warehouse facilities. The search began for a new location, with a tentative date set for mid-November.

Well, it’s now mid-March and the first offices are ready for occupation at the Baltej Pavilion, our new administrative offices. Starting today, the customer service and medical management departments are located on the first floor of the Baltej Pavilion, and the claims and membership accounting departments are located on the second floor. More importantly, the server room has been relocated to Baltej with no problems. We are now completely out of the squalid CenTam building and good riddance.

As for the other administrative departments that were scattered to the four winds after Chata’an, we comprise the second wave of the relocation project. Our offices will be on the third floor, but the contractor is still building out the walls and offices up there. Should be another month before I am finally ensconced in my new office overlook Tamuning. Once I get over there I will post photos of the new offices. I am excited. Hell, my office has consisted of a dark, windowless exam room with two folding tables, two folding chairs, cat-5 cable dangling from the ceiling, books and boxes piled in the corners, and several yawning holes in the drywall for the last nine months.