Daily Archives: 03/08/2003

Best Places to Live

David keeps extolling the virtues of his new home city of Auckland. Seems he might be on to something. It’s tied for #5 with Sydney on this list of the best cities. The first US city is San Francisco at #20, Honolulu rolls in at #23, while my hometown of St. Louis ranks #55. Manila rolls in at #112.

Starry, Starry Night

The heavens are filled with stars tonight, not a cloud in the sky. Sliver of a waxing moon setting in the western sky, Orion, Jupiter like a brillian diamond. Wow. Guam has some spectacular skies

– Oh yeah that song just sucks.

Laying Off the Sauce

Why am I home on a Saturday night? Simple, I decided to stop drinking for Lent. I periodically do this, not from any deep Catholic belief but because sometimes I need to dry out the liver for a few weeks and lay low or my pocketbook is strained. This time it’s both. I was out drinking with David a lot the last few months. I just think it would be a good thing if I cooled off for a bit.

Text Sex

For all you saps out there using VT100 terminals that still want a little ‘action’

asciipr0n – I chuckled when I came across the front page.

Ocean Vista

Smooth day on the water, look at that Pacific blue and eat your heart out. Oh yeah, this is the view out my back door.

Don’t feel too jealous though, it’s raining cats and dogs right behind me in this shot.