Radio Userland and Salon

I started a weblog at Salon last month. Salon’s weblogs use Radio Userland, from Userland Software. I haven’t had the time to really take Radio for a test drive, but since I like the software and I want to help support Salon, I went ahead and signed up for a year. So now I have two blogs. Jumping Jehosaphat.

Radio is a desktop application, so I installed it on my Dell. This makes it kind of difficult to post anything while I am at work – which is one of the advantages of Blogger. Radio chains me to my computer at home. I suppose if I had a laptop with wireless networking and a digitally enlightened urban area with tons of WiFi networks, I’d be just peachy. As it is, living on a small island in the Pacific, my options are a little limited. I am reading through the help system today to get some idea of Radio’s capabilities. I am certain it can handle posting via e-mail, I just need to figure that out.

I have this vague idea about posting longer essays and stories on the Salon blog, making it more of a literary journal instead of the running daily journal and commentary on Guam that I seem to be developing here. We’ll see what happens.