Daily Archives: 03/13/2003

Slip Me Some of that Cash

Gerry Perez, the former president of DFS Guam before his ouster (excuse me – retirement) last year, is now in charge of the Guam Economic Development and Commerce Authority (GEDCA) under Felix Camacho. His mandate? To stimulate the economy of Guam, and encourage investment in the island. His solution? To funnel $1.5 million to a Washington D.C. lobbying firm for a six month contract so they can schmooze the federal government for more aid. Brilliant fucking idea. It’s been done before – all that happens is some fuck-nut back in D.C. gets rich off Guam’s desperately needed cash, and somebody that approved the contract on Guam suddenly has a lot of extra cash to buy prime beachfront land, build a really swanky house, a nice stable of Lexus and BMW SUV’s, or send his kids off to Harvard or Stanford. Can anybody spell k-i-c-k-b-a-c-k? There is Hype.

Of course I should say this is totally unsubstantiated rumor mongering on my part, but Lordy Lordy, I’ve seen it happen before. I just wish I would get my tax refund. It sucks to be the little guy around here.