Daily Archives: 03/15/2003

March Rain

It’s raining tonight. Been cloudy and blustery all day, but the rain mostly held off until sundown. Now it pouring. Very unusual for this time of the year.

Chinese Arts Redux

Took a second, and final, tour of the exhibit in Tumon last night. The terra cotta soldiers return to China next month, and I wanted to take one more good look at those things.

Here’s a scan of the catalog cover:

Two Opposing Views

Brian Eno wrote an article for Time Magazine on Europe’s opposition to the impending war in Iraq and European views of America. He made a good case, wondering how the U.S. has sunk into a “us versus them” mentality, so far from the cultural and intellectual summit the US achieved in the 20th century, and why America stopped asking the profound questions in favor of simplistic world outlooks.

Christopher Caldwell offered a counterpoint essay to Eno’s. He threw some softballs, but one point reverberated; that Europeans are able to enjoy all these benefits of a modern democracy because of the U.S. subsidizing their defense. He also makes the point that Americans took on this task after Europe nearly destroyed the world with two horrendous wars in the last century – basically America took over because Europe screwed it up so bad.

Interesting points in both essays, and well worth a read.

GovGuam Starts Issuing Smaller Paycheck

Yesterday was GovGuam payday, traditionally a major bi-weekly stimulus to the local economy. This weekend however, many GovGuam paychecks are 20% smaller due to the 32 hour workweek for over 4,600 employees. The community is in turmoil, with demostrations by affected employees, lawsuits threatened if hours are cut, ill will towards those GovGuam employees unaffected by the cutbacks, finger pointing, accusations, and demands that the governor ‘fix’ this situation. As if. Things are bad, they are going to get worse. This cutback will trickle through the economy and hamper the economy already saddled with additional taxes by GovGuam.

It’s going to get ugly here.

Ice Cream?

The trial of Marilyn Manibusan continued yesterday with the defense calling it’s first witness, a fellow member of the Territorial Land Use Commission. Cross examination of the witness by the US attorney was long and intense, with allegations that the witness was bribed by Manibusan to vote for a subdivision development:

Johnson asked McDonald if she ever told the investigator that the reason why she changed her vote was because Manibusan offered to buy her ice cream and give her a ride home. Johnson also asked McDonald if she was mad at the former senator because she did not buy her the ice cream.

Ice cream? Ice cream? That’s a hell of a bribe. I sure hope it was a double-fudge banana-split sundae and not just a scoop of vanilla.