Daily Archives: 03/18/2003

Airport Police Arrested

Several Guam Airport Police officers were arrested as part of an anti-corruption investigation yesterday. Officers were arrested in connection to the theft of Rolex watches in 2001, mishandling of seized weapons, and the theft of a bomb-sniffing police dog. Yeah, a police dog. The dog in question was located at the home of the former chief of airport police, who was one of the officers arrested.

Who steals a police dog? I can understand swiping the watches or the guns, but a dog? Does that constitute assaulting a police officer or something?

Reminds of a story I read in a Philippine newspaper a couple years ago during a trip. It was the trial of a police officer accused of murdering his neighbor. The officer was part of a K-9 unit, and brought his canine partner home in the evenings. One night he smelled barbecue and discovered his neighbor cooking up the police dog. Now that’s just plain mean. The cop was so enraged he shot his neighbor dead. I recall that the policeman was acquitted.


I just wanted to offer my thanks to all the chuckleheads that voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. You were right, you did change history. The differences between George W. Bush and Al Gore were too subtle for you to discern, and now we have John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney running the country. Thanks. No really – thanks. You did good.