Daily Archives: 03/19/2003

Super Collosal Headline Roundup

Time again for what’s happening on my island home:

  • Attorney General to release arrested airport police – “Guam’s attorney general will take no steps against four police officers and the airport’s controller, all of whom were arrested Monday on official misconduct charges.” Atta boy Dougie! Keep up the good work. Oh wait, he’s not even on island…
  • Prison below critical staffing levels – I guess it didn’t go over too well when the auditor exposed that all those guys up at the prison were getting three and four times their base salary in overtime. A recent slew of resignations among the prison staff is leaving the lockup dangerously under-manned, and several more are expecting to be called up to active duty military service with the impending war in Iraq.
  • Attorneys give closing arguments in Manibusan case – I can’t wait to see what happens.
  • War expected to gut remainder of tourist industry – Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, George W. Bush decides to effectively and decisively end all foreign investment and economic activity on the island of Guam.
  • Guam leaders back George W. Bush’s vendetta against Saddam – Like anybody really cares. What would happen if Guam didn’t fall in with the president? Would angry right wing zealots proceed to smash… er, well whatever it is Guam produces, under the wheels of a tractor for national television? Somehow I doubt it.