Daily Archives: 03/22/2003

A Requiem for the Beeman

Rest in peace Dan. You are missed, but your legacy lives on. You would have loved tonight’s memorial at Pexa’s beach. The bonfire, the music, the friends and family. All your friends were there to honor you.

We will miss you.


From Lockergnome comes this link. Take a look at the photo; the protestor on the right doesn’t really fit in with the others and his sign says “Free Kevin Mitnick.”

Uh, he’s out already dude. Been out for a couple years now I think. Don’t think he has any conditions left on his parole either.

Overdose On The DreamCast

I went a little crazy this evening. Okay a lot crazy. But I am pleased with myself too.

I stopped off at the Micronesia Mall after work today. I needed specialized batteries, one for my PowerMac G3 and one for my cordless phone, and Radio Shack is a good place to find them on Guam. Unfortunately, Radio Shack has gone out of business and the doors are shuttered. I wandered about aimlessly, looking for some other place that could sell me specialized batteries. My hopes were dim, then I spotted a video game store. I remembered buying some computer equipment in that store a few years ago, I thought they might help me.

The Game Spot did not have batteries. They did have a tremendous selection of used video games though, most under $9. And a great many of their used games were for the Sega DreamCast, which I just so happen to own. And I only have a couple games for the DreamCast. Hmm…

I was in game geek heaven. Dozens, no hundreds of cheap video games, and me with a fresh paycheck in my wallet. Not a good combination.

I walked out of the Game Spot without a single battery, but 16 games for my DreamCast

  1. Omikron-The Nomad Soul
  2. Grandia II
  3. Tomb Raider-Chronicles
  4. Sega Marine Fishingdoesn’t load
  5. Dino Crisis
  6. P.O.D. Speedzone
  7. Dragon Riders
  8. Toy Story 2
  9. Shadow Man
  10. Unreal Tournament
  11. Crazy Taxi
  12. Industrial Spy: Operation Espionagedoesn’t load
  13. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaterdoesn’t load
  14. Championship Surferdoesn’t load
  15. Draconus, Cult of the Wyrmdoesn’t load
  16. Starlancerdoesn’t load

I was pretty ticked that six of the games won’t even load. I am going to try cleaning the discs or some other measures. Odds are though, I will take them back to Game Spot and get a refund or exchange.
I’ve never heard of most of these, but what the hell – if I don’t like any of them, I can just sell them back to the store or put them up on eBay. Most of them look pretty lame, but I wanted to try the surfing game and Starlancer. They looked worth a try, but I guess it’s not to be.