Overdose On The DreamCast

I went a little crazy this evening. Okay a lot crazy. But I am pleased with myself too.

I stopped off at the Micronesia Mall after work today. I needed specialized batteries, one for my PowerMac G3 and one for my cordless phone, and Radio Shack is a good place to find them on Guam. Unfortunately, Radio Shack has gone out of business and the doors are shuttered. I wandered about aimlessly, looking for some other place that could sell me specialized batteries. My hopes were dim, then I spotted a video game store. I remembered buying some computer equipment in that store a few years ago, I thought they might help me.

The Game Spot did not have batteries. They did have a tremendous selection of used video games though, most under $9. And a great many of their used games were for the Sega DreamCast, which I just so happen to own. And I only have a couple games for the DreamCast. Hmm…

I was in game geek heaven. Dozens, no hundreds of cheap video games, and me with a fresh paycheck in my wallet. Not a good combination.

I walked out of the Game Spot without a single battery, but 16 games for my DreamCast

  1. Omikron-The Nomad Soul
  2. Grandia II
  3. Tomb Raider-Chronicles
  4. Sega Marine Fishingdoesn’t load
  5. Dino Crisis
  6. P.O.D. Speedzone
  7. Dragon Riders
  8. Toy Story 2
  9. Shadow Man
  10. Unreal Tournament
  11. Crazy Taxi
  12. Industrial Spy: Operation Espionagedoesn’t load
  13. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaterdoesn’t load
  14. Championship Surferdoesn’t load
  15. Draconus, Cult of the Wyrmdoesn’t load
  16. Starlancerdoesn’t load

I was pretty ticked that six of the games won’t even load. I am going to try cleaning the discs or some other measures. Odds are though, I will take them back to Game Spot and get a refund or exchange.
I’ve never heard of most of these, but what the hell – if I don’t like any of them, I can just sell them back to the store or put them up on eBay. Most of them look pretty lame, but I wanted to try the surfing game and Starlancer. They looked worth a try, but I guess it’s not to be.