Daily Archives: 03/24/2003

DreamCast Update

Oh yeah, I returned those six DreamCast games that didn’t work and got some other goodies at the store. I picked up a couple games, Blue Stinger and D2, and a USB Memory Stick reader. That should keep me busy for a while.

Also placed an order for a couple USB hubs and some KVM cables from Cyberguys. Cheap, hassle free shopping for tech goodies. I think I might try ordering batteries from them next

Lest We Forget

I am worried about the paths our country is taking; readily using war as a foreign policy tool and vehemently suppressing dissent at home. It reminds me of fascism. I do not use the word lightly. And just in case you think such a descent is impossible because we know what happened in Germany, take a gander at these…

No commentary needed, just read those and tell me if you aren’t worried.

Local News Update

What with war breaking out in Iraq, and coming down with a nasty head cold, I didn’t really pay much attention to local news since last Thursday. However, several things caught my eye, and I thought I should post them.

  • Marilyn Manibusan found guilty – The jury reached a verdict on Friday and found the former senator guilty on 21 of 22 charges. Sentencing will be in July, the prosecutor expects a term of nearly 20 years in prison.
  • Details released on James Sablan – The day before Manibusan’s trial started, former Guam Housing Corporation president James Sablan was dropped from the case, and the records sealed. With the trial over, it was revealed on Friday that Sablan plead guilty to his involvement in the fraud and corruption case. His sentencing is also in July, and he could face upwards of 10 years in prison.
  • Attorney General’s office exempt from 32 hour work week – Doug Moylan gets his wish; the governor agreed to not reduce the hours for employees in the AG’s office. Guess that threat of a lawsuit worked.
  • Governor unveils economic stimulus plan – Governor Camacho unveiled his long expected economic stimulus plan for Guam just before the bombs started falling. His radical suggestions to get Guam working again? Promote tourism and ask the Federal for more military deployments. Wow – now that’s something new. I guess he doesn’t have any good ideas either. Well let’s hope that $1.5 million lobbying effort pays off, because tourism ain’t coming back for a long time

That’s about it. All eyes on Guam are focused on Iraq, with occassional nervous glances toward North Korea.